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Who we are?

We are your 4’o clock buddies when it comes to all your business’ digital needs irrespective of the time zone your business follows.

A 14 year old digital media agency with clients in 5 continents and over 35 cities, Magnon International has a huge client base of over 300 companies. We have in store for you an array of digital services, namely Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Technologies, Search Engine Marketing, and many more forms of Online Marketing. And even though we have humbly accepted a prestigious award of being ranked amongst the top 25 Most Promising Internet Companies in India, our real reward lies in the testimonials our clients leave behind in our inbox from time-to-time.

Having been certified by ISO 9001:2008, we are known for maintaining the highest level of Quality Management System standards in the digital outsourcing services’ arena. So no matter what your business size is or what your digital strategy is or even if you don’t have a strategy in mind as yet, you can be rest assured that with us, your business is in in good hands.

And since just having an icing on the cake is old school, the cherry on top is that we are a part of a much larger and one the world’s largest media agency network, the Omnicom group, owing to our integration with TBWA\ in the year 2013.

How we work?

After a lot of skimming and nit-picking, the Magnon group grew from a 4 member team in the year 2000 to a team of 200 high-on-energy digital innovators today. But what remain consistent are the work process philosophies that have driven us all along.

Freedom of expression has always been one of the fundamental rights of every employee of ours, as we believe that creativity and innovation only flourish with the collaboration of free minds. While independence and creative liberty is a must for marvellous work to come alive, the discipline of a systemised workflow is necessary for its timely delivery. So with each of our heads in the sky and our feet grounded to reality, the Magnon team reflects in their work, sincerity, dedication, originality and madness.

Our Engagement Models!

The Newspaper Model

Yes, you read it right. Just like the newspaper man delivers a copy to your doorstep every day without fail; we offer you a retainership model where we meet your digital marketing needs day-in and day-out for an agreed upon fixed amount per month.

The guest model

It’s just like how all around the year you have guests who come over, stay for a few days and then bid good-bye; we offer to service you on a project basis only when needed and to deliver the immediate tasks at hand.

The parking-bay model

When you go shopping to a mall, you are charged on an hourly basis for availing the parking services of that particular parking bay. Similarly when you want to avail our digital expertise only for a few hours a day or few days in a month, where you avail our digital outsourcing services and pay us only starting $20 per hour.

The wingmen model!

Yes, you just can’t do without these genius minds if you have to get anything done on the digital front. These are some of the best developers you will find around and if you are more comfortable in working with these dedicated resources directly, then we give you exactly that. You can have access to our team of technical resources all to yourself, who will be backed by our technologically sound infrastructure and cater to all your requirements.

Why Us?

We mostly prefer that our work speak on our behalf so that no one has to question themselves twice before deciding on working with us, but still to clear any doubts in your mind we will put this down simply and with utmost humility.

We make your every penny count. If you invest in our services, we deliver like it’s our money and reputation at stake, more than yours.

We are a team of multiple groups of specialists. We don’t just have one specialist of each digital service that we offer. These teams combine to present to you a full-fledged digital media agency, ready to tackle every digital challenge that your business faces.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Looking for a digital agency partner for your business? Please get in touch with Magnon\TBWA, one of Asia’s largest full-service digital agencies