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Top 4 ideas on what to do...

In the glitz, lights and glamour of the Holiday season is your website looking gloomy?

In the wake of the current market conditions, latest research suggests that people are going to rely more on researching on the internet to before deciding to buy!

8% increase over last year in Online Retail Sales is expected this holiday season.Forrester Research, 2009

The following are some good ways to get your website ready for Christmas and New Year -


1. Add a little festive cheer to your site, with prices starting @ $199Add some glitter to your homepage and the rest of the site! Make it look recently updated and ready for the Holiday Season! Just like what a typical next door shop would do. Web Design/ Web Layout for Christmas can be done at very low prices, starting from $199. For reference visit our website.


2. Offer special Christmas dealsIf you are selling products online - offer free shipping, volume discounts, offers for the day/week - Show your customers you are celebrating with them. Get Christmas web design and web layout done by us.


3. Give yourself a boost on the search enginesPeople logging on the internet are definitely not going to remember names of sites they want to check out. Instead, they are going to log on to a Google or a Yahoo to ‘Search’ for what they require. So is your website appearing on top listings when they search for your product / service? If your website is listed beyond the first two pages , Forget it – Nobody is going to turn up to your website. Solution ?

Opt for Search Engine Optimisation Services to ensure that your site lists on top results while being search for. Click here to know more.


4. Spring clean your siteYou might just want to do some quick cleaning up or updating on your website , those things that you have been thinking of doing for a while but just have not managed to get in touch with somebody to do them up for you.

Look for simplified maintenance services which are available at very cost effective prices where you pay jut for the actual work done. Check this link for some options -

* Prices starting from the amounts mentioned...

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