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FBML Customization Services

Have you ever thought of developing a website on Facebook?

Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is now possible to develop a mini website on Facebook. With the rise in the number of Facebook users around the world, this has now become one of the most preferable platforms to reach out to your prospects.

A website on Facebook is a blend of creativity and right technology involving relevant information and effective calls to action. This mini website is known as the FBML page that is integrated into your Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Page is a professional profile of your company on Facebook wherein you invite prospects to become a fan of your page.

More fans means, more word-of-mouth publicity and increased chances of lead conversion.

FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, a subset of HTML. It includes some unique tags applicable only for Facebook and excludes some of the HTML tags like head tag, body tag etc.

FBML page is essentially adding a custom tab to your Facebook Page. Though the contents of the FBML tab may vary from one business to another, however some of the common sections such as about us, products/services, clients portfolio, call to action etc. are mostly included.

It is always linked back to your company website. Also, the FBML page is the landing page or the welcome page of your Facebook Page.


The total area where you can edit and modify your information is termed as the canvas page with the maximum width of 520 pixels.

Advantages of FBML custom tabs-

It gives a back link to your website.
You can add multiple applications like games, enquiry form etc.
You can engage the users as much as you can with the help of interactive features.

Why should I hire Magnon International?

At Magnon International, we employ active Digital Media professionals who aim to improve the social media presence of the clients.
We tend to understand our clients’ business first and then formulate an effective strategy to enhance their social web presence on Facebook.
After analyzing the requirements of the target audience, we suggest interactive activities like games, events, contests etc. to enable the prospects’ participation.
Along with the static FBML customization services, we also offer maintenance services wherein we update our client’s Facebook Page on a regular basis.

Interested ?

Please contact us to get in touch with our team of Digital media professionals to enhance your Facebook presence.