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Outsourcing Center India

In his speech at Harvard University in 1943 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill observed that the companies of the future would battle for talent and to involve the best minds to work for them. Little did he realize that his observation would be so true in the years to come. And not only talent but also the price at which this talent is acquired and engaged.

Today most organizations rely on a talented pool of people to get major tasks done. They also realize there is a dearth of skilled workers and professionals in developed countries. Such professionals come at a very "elevated" price. This is where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) comes into the picture. One may define BPO as the leveraging of technology or specialist processes or specialized vendors to provide and manage one's organization's processes and applications.

Organizations, today, are increasingly outsourcing their IT (Information Technology) requirements to countries like ours. With the obvious cost implications another aspect that companies are increasingly finding out is that outsource vendors can match world-class quality standards as well. Web-enabled Services or Projects forms part of the gamut of services being outsource to Indian companies as part of Global Information Technology Requirements.

Our company Magnon Interactive is here to enable outsource avail top-notch web services at unbeatable prices. Promoted as Magnon International, the company is committed to establish a global footprint in this business of outsourcing and eventually becoming a model for others to emulate.

Our talented resources can be engaged for any web-based tasks ranging from creating websites and promoting them powerfully on the Web to developing and implementing high-tech web-based applications such as Lead Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Discussion Forums, Blogs Engines, E-commerce Applications, Online Retail Stores, Community Engagement Portals, MIS Reporting Tools etc.

With the advent of the Internet, High Speed Communication Lines, VoIP and teams willing to work round-the-clock, the communication gap between the outsource and the outsource company is significantly reduced. And with communication as the main barrier to effective delivery of projects now out of the way, outsource like yourselves can easily engage our resources sitting halfway across the world with minimum hassles to obtain optimal results.