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Web 2.0 Services

Web 2.0 or 'Participatory version of the web' goes beyond fetching information from a website. The concept promotes participation from all users through various interactive features. What really forms Web 2.0 is - Interactivity, enhanced user experience, adherence to some basic standards and most importantly the ease to build on it further.

We at Magnon Offer these as building blocks while offering a Web 2.0 product.

The Web 2.0 Concept on Video!

Enhanced User Experience – Web 2.0 Design

What is the first impression while one is looking at a website - Is it warm and inviting enough to get a user to click and click and click and explore? Till such time everybody had their own versions of what is good and what is not, till Web 2.0 design took over! For knowing the basics a Web 2.0 design, look at our Web Design FAQ’s.

Another important building block of enhancing the user experience is the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or commonly referred to as Ajax Web 2.0 and Ajax go quite hand in hand. Ajax helps web based pages to be closer desktop applications making the user experience richer and more intuitive. It would hence be quite true to say that a Web 2.0 site is incomplete without the use of Ajax.

You could get in touch with us to see some Web 2.0 templates that we could offer.

Interactivity – Web 2.0 Applications

This is one of the most important aspect which makes a regular website different from a one which is more in line with Web 2.0. Interactivity could include adding a user friendly Search to your website to navigate through the heaps of content. Having a Blog for user participation is a very popular technique that a lot of organisations are taking up. Adding some of the other Social Networking tools on the site works well as it nurtures a community on the platform. The idea is to be more transparent and nurture participation. Also whole bunch of Off the Shelf platforms like Joomla promote Web 2.0 applications. You could also have a look at our Content Management System section for more information.

Scalability and Ease to build further – Web 2.0 CSS

Usage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which is now becoming popular as Web 2.0 CSS, makes sites very scalable and easy to change and build on further. CSS based Websites are also closely associated with Div. based coding since it standardizes the presentation of content. The ease to change or build further is possible because a change in the CSS would change the presentation across the site consistently making it scalable and easy to build on.

We offer CSS based Web Design as standard, which is an essential element of Web 2.0